a new approach to sermon writing

  1. Read texts: call of Abraham; Paul on Abraham; Call of Levi, teachings & healing.
  2. Flirt with a literal reading of Genesis (‘Abraham, go…’). Pick up sandals and head into town.
  3. Walk for half an hour amidst the surprising number of tourists playing on the small and disappointing beach in Dunoon.
  4. Question: Is this all they hoped for?
  5. Revelation: that is a question about Abraham too.
  6. Exploration: Is Dunoon Haran?
  7. Find a quiet bench and scribble for half an hour (no, not on that).
  8. Stop occasionally to: admire the red herrings; bless the beast and the children.
  9. Suddenly decide the sermon is done.
  10. Begin to walk back, wondering if that self-righteous glow could be excused as a character study on Matthew’s Pharisees.
  11. Question whether a character study on Levi demands climbing a tree.
  12. Decide ‘Definitely not’ and head straight for home.

Now, time to make sure there really was a sermon in there somewhere.

10 thoughts on “a new approach to sermon writing”

  1. Good to read that you are safely back in Dunoon. Hope the holiday was restorative 🙂

  2. I’m both relieved and disappointed you didn’t climb the tree. Hope to get to read the sermon at some point since it’s too far to go to experience it irl. Tomorrow at least…

  3. Jeez, good to see you here. I tried to go read your blog, but lack the relevant skills!

    Chris, no sandles tomorrow. Nor ever with vestments. You know that!

  4. You lack in faith! 😉

    On a more serious note, I just might start writing some stuff in english. Somehow swedish is a skill that so many people around the world lack. Don’t know why 😀

  5. Now that you’re back, can I harass you for that Dennis Turner article? No rush.

    I hope you enjoyed your holiday.

    How did Molly cope?

  6. I’m with Jeez. I vote for tree climbing. You might be able to get a sermon about Zaccheus out of it, too.

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