mystery beyond all telling

Instead of blogging, I have been thinking about blogging for a synod lunch time presentation.

To that end I noticed Eammon’s last comment on an earlier post, Blogging Awards. Now, when I asked for favorite posts, I really didn’t mean my own. But since he listed lots, I went to see what they were — and they weren’t at all what I’d have expected.

In my mind, a good blog post is one that leads to interesting conversation. But most of the posts he chose were hardly commented on at all. Moreover, several of them were pretty desperate posts — something tossed up quickly when I thought ‘oh help, I haven’t done anything for days’.  A couple of them were even leaning so far towards negativity that I remember thinking ‘should I really post this?’

All very humbling really. But a useful reminder that the life of a blog goes beyond what we can see. ‘Love the Lurkers’ suddenly rings true. (and by the way, if you are one such, do say hello. I know there are readers from places I’ve never been. I’d love to know who you are.)

Eamonn didn’t add links in his comment, so I list his chosen posts here.

lessons in redemption

fragments and fractals



a little thing

by any other name

1 thought on “mystery beyond all telling”

  1. ‘Eamonn didn’t add links’ because he doesn’t know how to do it!

    Just returned from a week in a blog-free zone, to find myself surprised that you were surprised by my selection. The fact that some blogs, desperate or otherwise, don’t generate much comment can be an index of the fact that people are thinking slowly and deeply about what you’ve written. I know I found them thought-provoking, and would like to think that others did too.

    Conversely, some of the longer conversations I’ve read on other blogs do tend to veer towards the self-indulgent sometimes.

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