get in quick

Young clergy and prospective clergy take note:  we’ve axed the minimum age requirements for ordination and consecration.

Hurry now.  Who will be the first twenty-something bishop?

10 thoughts on “get in quick”

  1. Ah, but I can think of a couple of people in their early 20’s who could rise through the ranks. They just need incentive. And training and stipends of course.

  2. My brother!

    He was told he was too young only a few months back!

    Who was it that pushed this motion through?

  3. Almost all the 40 something clergy I know were told they were too young in their 20s..

    I’ve spent 19 years being one of the youngest 3 in my community. I see no hope of that changing in the forseeable future.

  4. woop woop!!

    And relating to our email conversation a while back Kimberley – guess who is visiting the youth week with his posse? Rev Kevin Pearson!

  5. Excellent. Fr Kevin is always a blessing, but Fr Kevin-amidst-outdoor activities is a rare treat.

    I’m hoping to come for one of the Wednesday walks. Not sure which week yet.

  6. @ kimberly :: excellent!! Have you made your intention of coming to Glen know, there is a invitation process which must be follwed I’m afraid. let me knwo for sure in the next few days by email if you have not been through it all and I’ll pass on your intention to Angela (the lady who presented the MiDGies!).

    @Ali C :: there are a few 20 somethings, late twenty somethings though. let’s hope people see sense and direction and let younger (ie early twenties, even 18/19) people go for it!

  7. There is hope for the next generation: I just discovered yesterday that I have a jumper older than a current inquirer to my community. I don’t know for sure if the proper perspective is that the jumper is ancient (and therefore so am I) or that she is young…

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