art & prayer

Ever think that words were overrated in prayer?

We have two places left for an Art & Prayer workshop this Saturday in Dunoon, led by Carol Marples.

Carol’s great gift is helping people do things they think they can’t, so don’t let ‘lack of artistic talent’ stand in the way.

If you are interested, please get in touch as soon as possible.  Otherwise, we will relish having her all to ourselves.

7 thoughts on “art & prayer”

  1. May I also direct you to Carol’s beautiful new website: – another fabulous Justin Reynolds creation (but it also has great pictures from her past events too and is a good reflection of the work she does). Her workshops are fabulous. Wish I could be there.

  2. ‘Fabulous’ twice in two sentences? I obviously need a thesaurus. Or just need to stop multitasking and pay attention to what I’m typing. . .

  3. I’m glad there’s a new website. Much needed. But I must not look at it till I’ve finished the article I’m writing. I just logged on for a web link, honest.

  4. The website is indeed fabulous! I look forward to perusing it more deeply at my leisure. I too wish I could join in the creative jamboree in Dunoon but have other plans for Saturday. I went to a workshop with Carol years and years ago and it was wonderful!

  5. I must email Justin, I’ve been meaning to for a while and now I’ve caught wind of a Province wide redesign of each diocese website in the SEC design, but yes Carol’s new site is great! I really like the style!

    But onto the actually point of the post -I think about this a lot and we actually focus on it a the Youth Week a bit, we want the delegates (kids) to make the prayers their own, use what they want and make it visual, not just audio.

  6. Looks and sounds wonderful! Wish I could be there but am so far far away! Maybe one day…… Hope you have fun!

    (Look, Kimberly, I overcame the fear!!!)

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