pushing the boat out

So, do you suppose after two years here, the congregations are ready for me to abandon a normal sermon in favour of paper folding and meditative prayer?

The idea spawned equally by tomorrows OT lesson on Moses amid the Bullrushes, and the fact that my voice is very weak after an infection.

I still remember the first time I put pen and paper out at my last church and had a substantial part of the congregation prowling up and down the aisle before the service saying:

what are these for? (wait and see)
what are we going to do? (wait and see)
Here, you can have this. I won’t be needing it. (yes, you will)

to the friend, the enemy, the warden, the rector:
Will she tell you what we’re doing? (no, of course not)

The second time there were paper and pens in the pews it went much better:

oh, I don’t like orange. Can I have that pink bit?
Do you like green? No! Give it to the rector.
My pen doesn’t work, does yours?
What are we supposed to be doing?
Here, N. (age 7) will show you.

Ah, happy days.

8 thoughts on “pushing the boat out”

  1. lol, you go with the pen and paper! And if you’re kind (or want less questions) you tell them they will be needing it during the sermon when they get it.

  2. yes. I think I’m going tough I’m not sure how greatly it will reduce the spoken word.

    If anyone reading this was both at the Art and Prayer workshop and will be there tomorrow, please practice your boat folding skills. I need angels to quell the fears of the frightened.

    If you need a reminder, there’s a how to video here.

  3. I dont believe ive just made a paper boat! I used to love origami but ive not done it for years so it brought back the memories of all the useless things i used to make…

    Anyway, it sounds an interesting way to spend the x minutes of a sermon – much more fun than someone just talking at you (though they can be good)

  4. ive not come across storigami no… well i probably have at some point but not known any name for it… i dont think we have ever had origami at pyn/glen… ill have to suggest it… see what creations we could come up with… I wouldnt put it past delegates to try and make boats or sommat out of flipchart paper! Hey it could be a teamwork activity if you add blindfolds etc… (can you tell im really getting into it?)

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