black pot

This one’s for Edye.  It’s been ages since I’ve offered a recipe, and the fabulous black pot she gave me has been waiting for autumn to turn.

  • 1 black pot, eager and waiting
  • 1 butternut squash, peeled, seeded & chopped
  • a scattering of coriander seeds & cardamom pods
  • 1/2 inch of water
  • a few spoonfuls of brown sugar
  • a bit of butter
  • two dried birdseye chiles

lid on.  Into a medium oven.  Check and stir once in a while.  When the squash is mostly cooked, uncover and turn up the oven to get the liquid to evaporate.

Now, what could I serve with this sweet-hot-sticky wonder if I had a dinner guest?  (something dark green; but what?  and what provides substance?)

4 thoughts on “black pot”

  1. Thanks for this. It looks scrumptious! I would serve your recipe with brown rice and stir-fried beet greens or black cabbage (Cavolo Nero) pan fried with minced onion, cayenne, freshly grated ginger, sea salt and roasted cumin seeds or maybe Alastair’s greens which include mustard seeds, fenugreek and tumeric. I’ll see if he’ll part with his recipe.

    It’s definitely autumn feeling today, so must pull out my black pot and chase down a butternut squash. (Once they see that fork and knife, those little suckers can run!) 😉

    Hmm, I am very tempted to add some fresh shredded coconut to the squash. I might have to bring some up with me next time so we can experiment.

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