out of eden

Adam and Eve seem to have gone wandering…

Have any of you, perchance, borrowed my copy of Trevor Dennis’ Looking God in the Eye?  It’s unlikely, I know, but the bible study starts next week, and I’ve just had a note from Amazon saying the other copies I ordered a few weeks ago have been delayed…

Two administrative posts in a row…  Something other tomorrow, I think.

4 thoughts on “out of eden”

  1. Not got it. Adam and Eve sound interesting, though they have not yet grabbed me in the way other passages have.

    I have been thinking about them since yesterday’s post-church discussion and the (to me) somewhat unnerving embargo on further discussion. [A friend once described a former Primus as ‘never knowingly had an unpublished thought’ … I suspect I have never knowingly had an undiscussed one….. but I am a rather obsessive rule keeper when my bars are rattled.]

    The argument is that the 1662 Prayer Book and all its derivatives are unduly fall-centred. Modern liturgies tend to be acceptance centred. I don’t think any of them really get especially close to my own theologies. I suspect though there is something in fall centred which is closer to where I am at the moment. Not close, but closer.

    I want to call for metanoia. I want to call for a really radical change, and terrifying demands and incredible opportunities. This will come as no news to those who have heard me preach obsessively on these subjects.

    (It is said most people have one sermon, and really excellent preachers have two. I am not laying claim to excellence.)

    It is not that I as a good Lutheran doubt acceptance. However it is most useful when people are aware that it is the base plank of a transformed life.

  2. I do have your copy of Speaking of God by Trevor Dennis, if that helps. I was going to bring it Thursday but will pop it in if it helps.

  3. I cannot tell a lie. It is I. I have it. Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa … considering I read it the best part of 2 years ago! I shall return it forthwith.

  4. I never thought that this blog post would work — there was just a tiny hope that made it worth trying. So, I am delighted that it has, and the book is safely home in time for many hours on the train for a meeting in Edinburgh tomorrow.

    Rosemary — one of us has misunderstood the ’embargo’ on further discussion after the Congregational meeting on Mattins/ liturgy. What I understood the facilitator to mean — and what I certainly meant — was that we didn’t want to hash over the content of Sunday’s meeting and gossip (gripe) about specific things people had said. But new and constructive conversation about what we do in worship and why is always welcome.

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