heavenly distraction

Last night, while we were planning worship for Michaelmas, someone told me about Wordle.  How very addictive it is.  And for someone like me, who likes words and cares about what goes with what, you can imagine how long it took me, amidst random permutations, to get Angels and God where I wanted them, with the lucky placement of Live, presence and seek.  I wonder what would happen if I wordled  a sermon…

9 thoughts on “heavenly distraction”

  1. Oooh, not only do I love this (Wordle) (although it looks dangerous), I also want to read what your sermon is turning out to be. Or compare notes. I am preaching Michaelmas, too, and have never really thought about it at any length, so would appreciate your thoughts. I could just sit happily with the words above, but I’d like more if you care to share it.

    By the way, the wordle above would make a gorgeous card.

  2. The wordle above is not a sermon, but part of worship planning/ possible advertising.

    I think there is prayer potential here, though. Considering doing one for each season, with key words, themes for reflection. Also, can imagine ‘stream of consciousness’ typing in relation to discernment of feelings/ thoughts at any given moment, and see what Wordle comes up with for reflection. (you would simply have to type a word as many times as it came to you — thus ‘ wordle fun interesting distracting useful distracting colours shapes distracting…’)

  3. Wordle would break, Elizabeth. But perhaps a page at a time? (and if you do, I’d love to see it. I bet it would make a great conversation starter for a wider audience than those who could cope with the whole thesis)

    I constantly talk with the lay preachers about ‘what is the image of God, here?’ not — ‘what did you say’, but ‘what will people hear?’. Wordle might expose that in ways that are fun and productive — though the thought is a bit alarming, lest the dominant patterns aren’t the ones we intend.

  4. I’m not sure, Stewart. Did you try to embed a java-script? I’m afraid I run the free version of WordPress, and don’t pay for that add on since I seldom want it. If you want to share a wordle with us, you can upload it on your blog then link the link here (if you wee what I mean.)

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