There is a certain similarity in the things I have most enjoyed today:

  • the clever new-to-me programme One Note, that actually lets me plan a liturgy workshop all at once without filtering it through endless scraps of paper.
  • a new A3 pad, for the things that must be done by hand when process matters more than product.  (I’ve heard a rumour that some people can think without writing, but I don’t believe it.)
  • a clean down-stairs — which might sound like half a job done, but Michaelmas Angels make a mess, and between holidays and illness, that mess had become an ecosystem.

and, odd one out:

  • soft murmurs from Molly as she burrows deeper and deeper into the warmest blanket.  It seems that her winter coat is not yet fully in place.

11 thoughts on “clearing”

  1. The rumour is partially true. People can think without writing, but one either needs a pen in the hand or a bath instead.

  2. For me, many of my most profound thoughts come during my morning shower, and I know I’m not the only one. Someone should study the effect of running water on brain activity.

    I’m assuming Molly is an animal of some sort…? 😉

  3. I love this post. I’m sitting here, notebook in hand, making a ‘to do’ list – whilst also trying to do some of it (buying gifts on line, sending emails) and also procrastinating (i.e. reading blogs). I am intrigued by this One Note . . . tell us more!

    I agree with Kimberly on the bath front (sans cat). For me, baths are for reading and drinking wine and when I’m really, really tired, candles and music. I often pretend I’m going to think in the bath – but I find it doesn’t actually work – too much steam clouds the mind as well as mirrors. Except for very vague ruminating kinds of thinking that don’t usually get me anywhere (although I grant they may still be important).

  4. (good response, Werner. Though why do I suspect you have elegant purebreds.)

    One Note is part of the Home & Student 2007 Office package. It is why I bought home and student instead of professional (you can’t get One Note and Publisher in the same package). It was designed to make note-taking easier, and you literally create notebooks with dividers and pages. But it’s also click-and-type anywhere on the page, so you can make small blocks of text and mix media easily on a page. Useful for visual thinkers like me. Even better if you’ve got a tablet.

  5. Oh yes, a computer can have both. You just can’t buy them as one package.

    Happy playing.

    Sarah — One Note would definitely suit the way you think. I think you can buy it as a single package, which is never the cheapest way, but is probably more affordable than upgrading everything.

  6. Just diverting from blog to open One Note ( have just discovered I have it too!) Isn’t this blog just the best.
    My Holly (cavalier king charles spaniel) reluctant to move herself from my knee atm, which does make typing a challenge as she insists on laying her head on my arm.

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