11 thoughts on “non-partisanship”

  1. Oh dear, I was trying hard not to think about today and was doing pretty well (distracted with two tutorials this morning helped!) until now…. but yes. As Kate says, Amen amen and to hell with non-partisanship.

  2. AMEN AMEN AMEN (all together now, with chant)

    I’ve just voted… now to keep praying…

  3. Hallelujah!

    I’ll be sure to email you next time I need some serious intercessory prayer. By the way, I’m working on this paper…

  4. There are fireworks being let off in abundance here in deepest Yorkshire. Is there a connection?

  5. As much as I like fireworks, I think Guy Fawkes is one of the most dodgy holidays around.

    Though it may well be that other effigies were burnt in the American South last night.

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