new plan

The next time I delay/ cancel time off because there is too much needing to be done, remind me to go away anyway, and just take the work along.

Time, now, to start the first thing on my list for today — having completed the dozen or so things that were not on my list, but refused to wait.

2 thoughts on “new plan”

  1. No, Kimberly. The trick is to go away and NOT take the work, switch off thinking about it, and you will return refreshed. (Yes, I know, I don’t practise what I preach!)

  2. Either way, next time let us know you’re about to cancel leave, so we can rush in and tell you to take your holiday anyway!

    It’s always rather dismal to begin a to do list late in the day. I hope Molly gives you lots of tlc to make up for it.

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