a few days early

So today, it is Advent.

Well, I know it is not really, but since I don’t get Thanksgiving today, we must have something.  All week I have been hassled and hassling over what needs to be done, and one of the major stressors was an address to Parliament for next week that really needed to have been written ages ago, but that refused to take shape amidst all the interruptions.

So today, it was time.  I decided not to answer the phone till it was done: and so the phone did not ring.  I decided that I simply couldn’t prepare an address for Advent till I had listened to the Advent Responsory, so music now fills the room.   I let myself write slowly, enjoying all the thoughts of Edinburgh a-glint on a winter’s afternoon.    And for the first time all week I am calm.

Now, let us not spoil the moment with AGMs and property matters.  An afternoon of preparing liturgies and liturgy booklets, I think…

3 thoughts on “a few days early”

  1. No spoiling indeed! I’m glad the peace and music has arrived and liturgy will flow from this place. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Isn’t it wonderful when the writing can finally happen in slowness and music? Maybe some good practice I can remember for the next paper (which needs written in the next fortnight).

  2. And your Advent Wreath is done and waiting for you in all its pink, purple and greenness – so even in the chilly church on this dark afternoon we were enjoying a little of the anticipation too! But we forgot the camera ..:-(

  3. Do, please, put your address to Parliament on your blog. It will be worth reading.

    And while you’re at it, you could combine the celebration of Thanksgiving and Advent with St Andrew’s Day.

    Happy destressing!

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