local announcement

For those of you in Dunoon (and of special interest to dog-walkers, hill trompers, and kindly ‘just making sure you’re OK’ types):

Unless and until the temperature rises, do not make any attempt to come up to the rectory. The driveway and all the paths are smooth ice, and utterly impassable.

I’ve just had to cancel school assembly, and am not at all sure I can get to Rothesay for the AGM today.

This might just give me a clear day to talk with the dear folk at Scottish Gas to sort out why my heat isn’t working (though the hot water is.)  Molly has gone back to bed, hoping for the last trace of warmth.

update: well, I might be iced in with no heat and an ever-worsening snuffle and cough, but still there is joy to be had.  Two red squirrels, frolicking on the lawn for the past hour.  Ever so lovely.

5 thoughts on “local announcement”

  1. No heat!!! And you don’t even have flats on three sides of you to share their warmth. Oh dear. I do hope that Scottish Gas are prompt and helpful.

  2. The glacier outside our front gate has now begun to melt a little, but my first foray out of doors this morning was interesting and must have made an amusing spectacle as I crept along the wall, holding the gate till I found a foothold.

    Seven stalwarts made it to the pub, however!

  3. The pub is fine for those and such as those who could get there (seven: I’m impressed). Molly and I have had a quiet day in — apart from the thousand phone calls. One oil heater, one pair of fingerless gloves, and much time with cat-on-lap means we’re both fine.

    Still just a bit worried about how I’m going to get out tomorrow morning, but will slide down that hill when we get to it.

  4. Do you have Yak Tracks (Trax?)? Get your parents to send you some. They are great for dealing with ice – think tire chains for your shoes/boots. Not that I think you need to be out on the ice, especially with a cold, if it’s not absolutely essential. I’m glad you at least have a space heater. Other than Molly, I mean.

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