Santa’s little helper:

seeking a good Christmas carol album for a 7 year old   who is learning to distinguish between carols and songs.  With a bit of nudging she could sing Away in a Manger, Silent Night, and Little Donkey.  I think it’s time to widen the repertoire.

I suspect we need good folk-singing type carols, but that Maddy Prior might be a bit alarming.   What do you recommend?

3 thoughts on “carols”

  1. While the Hannah family is not famed for its musicality, there has been for years one CD above all others which meant ‘Christmas’ – my children enjoyed it, all except George, who prefers rap. There are carols on it , including a wonderful ‘gallery carol’ version of ‘While shepherds’ and traditional hymns (In the Bleak Midwinter) and the eponymous ‘Holly and the Ivy’ – every child had its own favourite.

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