read, sung and mulled

I was going to blog about today’s carol service, but Blethers has beaten me to it.  I might well say more tomorrow, but for now, I’ll testify to the truth of her last sentence and leave it at that.

(but before I go, have I mentioned  how stunningly talented these congregations are?  Only five times in the last ten minutes?  Right then.  I’ll go.)

5 thoughts on “read, sung and mulled”

  1. Thanks for your part in it – or rather parts, to wit: putting the service together so tellingly, making with the candles in such glorious profusion, providing the mulled wine and pies at the end and saying nice things when it was all over!

  2. your forgot the bits I enjoy most: nudging the writers into action, and finding the right voices for each bit. Though I admit — the matching of readers was more self-evident this year than sometimes.

  3. Yes, thanks, from me too. It trully was exceptional. A service that will live long in the memory.

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