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The baking day will be on Saturday, 24 January from 10.30 am – 4 pm.
Times are quite flexible.  Come and go when it suits you.

Please come with the following:

  1. a recipe to share (I can photocopy it)
  2. any special ingredients needed for it
  3. aprons, baking trays etc if you are driving.

I will have:

  1. flour, sugar (white, brown, icing), butter, vegetable shortning/ veg suet, eggs, vanilla extract, spices, cocoa,  bakers chocolate (limited quantities)
  2. several mixing bowls, baking sheets, muffin tins
  3. coffee, tea and nibbles to counterbalance all those cookies.  There will be enough food that lunch feels a bit superfluous.

In the morning, we will look at the recipes, and decide which ones we want to make first, then we’ll just work through as many as we can.   No promises that all recipes will be used on the day.

Sorry to all who preferred the 31st.   There were many more (by blog and email) who asked for the 24th.

Travel details:

Holy Trinity Rectory,
Kilbride Road
Dunoon, PA 23 7LN

There’s a map here.

Western Ferries run from Gourock 3 – 4 times an hour. Come this way if you want to bring your car.

Cal-Mac ferries are less frequent, but bring you to the centre of Dunoon.

Please email if you need my phone number (it’s in the Red Book, of course).  The house is about a mile from the Cal-Mac ferry.  If you’d like a lift from the ferry, please leave a comment to that effect and we’ll arrange something.

p.s. — this is an open invitation to  readers and Pikie bloggers.  Happy for the regulars to consider it a mission and ministry opportunity too (a fancy way of saying  you can bring a friend).

6 thoughts on “baking bloggers”

  1. I will be very sorry to miss it. Will be thinking of all the lovely baking while Justin and I do our taxes. Ick.


  2. I’m not a cook/baker as you know, but would be very happy to attend and supply goodies if that’s ok.

  3. You are most welcome, so long as you realise that you might be a baker by the end. Bring an idea for a cookie you wish you knew how to make, and I’ll find a recipe.

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