I have found a clergy shirt that fits.

What’s that you say?  Why should you care?  Well, that means that you won’t have to listen to me moan about them any more.   And I won’t be as grumpy in hot summer weather when I HATE HATE HATE that little bit of plastic.

Indeed, I’ve worn it all day without out once whipping out the white bit and unbuttoning the top when no one was looking.

Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah.

Now, for those who have reason to care:  the shirt is from Butler & Butler.  It’s fair trade cotton.  The neck is cut much more generously than the other companies which is both more comfortable and less ugly.  It is shaped to fit a women rather than  a bale of hay.    Rejoice.

[and completely superfluously — I am just so impressed by that pilot on the Hudson.  Truly a good day’s work.]

13 thoughts on “rejoice”

  1. No, I wouldn’t expect you too. Not least because that was a jumper bought to house the other shirt.

    But I did.

    Your Margaret comment is eluding me. Anyone want to help?

  2. I left it for a bit, but…

    When Margaret Thatcher was talking to journalists after some success in the Falklands conflict (remember: it wasn’t a “war”) she obviously felt they were being too pernickity about some trifle like loss of life or whatever and told them, in that famously schoolmarmy way of hers: “Only rejoice!”

  3. I was only sixteen at the time, but I missed it, despite being here and relatively interested in all that was going on.

    I also misunderstood “header” and was studying your photograph for any faces hidden in it…. (there’s a bit of a one on the far left) and couldn’t find her anywhere. Which is just as well.

  4. Can an oldie join in here? I remember the context of the ‘Rejoice, rejoice’ comment very well, and, although I hold no brief for Thatcher (cue fantasies about pointed wooden stakes), it’s worth setting the record straight, as she’s frequently been misrepresented on this. She said it in the very early stages of the Falklands war, after South Georgia had been taken with only one casualty, which was more in the nature of an accident.

    I’ve never really forgiven Denis Healey for (sedulously, one is forced to conclude) attaching this comment to the sinking of the Belgrano, which is not something we can be particularly proud of.

  5. Thanks, Eamonn – I couldn’t recall the context though I have a very clear memory of the moment on the telly and the tone of The Voice. I knew it wasn’t the Belgrano though.

  6. Many, many congratulations on finding a clergy shirt. Have you washed it yet? Did it wash well? If so can I suggest the consideration of investing in a few? 🙂

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