it’s time

champagne ready.

much joy.

4.50 pm.  With the whole world watching, Rick Warren decides to rewrite scripture.  (and I thought nothing could taint this day.)  Let’s hope Aretha saves it.

…well, you’ve gotta love her hat.

5.01 pm.  I didn’t know you could play the clarinet while smiling.  But just look at Yo-yo Ma.  Pure genius to choose Simple Gifts.

5.23 pm.  There it is, the phrase we’ve been waiting for:  Tolerance & Curiosity.  Not the oratorical fireworks I was hoping for, but good and true.

5.27 pm.  Tricky thing, poetry.  Elizabeth Alexander looking very scared.  ‘repairing the things that need repair’ is apt.  ‘take out your pencils; begin’, ‘say it plain, that many have died for this day’,  ‘today’s sharp sparkle’.  Not an easy task at all.

blessed benediction.  embodied sign.

9 thoughts on “it’s time”

  1. I loved Aretha – although I would have preferred R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

    I don’t know if I’ve ever seen anyone happier in their work than Yo-yo Ma.

  2. Upon reflection I can not understand Rick Warren’s part in proceedings….

    .. was it a platform for his own rhetoric; or

    .. a blessing for the new president

    The beginning was more of the former. Was this really the time and place? However he did have a BIG audience.

  3. The music was inspired, in choice and in the playing of it. But I had to abandon the BBC for Sky because the commentators wouldn’t shut up for the music!

  4. It will be a long long time before I forgive the BBC commentators for wittering through the first part of this music.

    The best sermons are not crafted round a sound bite, but speak to the time and the people and the place, which I thought this did – it rang especially deep for me that he said: ‘As for our common defence, we reject as false the choice between our safety and our ideals.’

    How profoundly true it is that safety never lies in expedience, in subverting the will of God in the hope of a better outcome.

  5. Yes Rosemary and Chris – I did not have that luxury and reverted to Radio 4 which was allow me to listen to the event.

    For my money we did not need analysis, only a very, very light commentary.

  6. As far as the ‘suporting acts’ were concerned the star, for myself, was the gentleman who did the benidiction.

    Now Kimberly is this not a challenge to all ‘Pisky Clergy?’

  7. O.K. – putting this here and not on my blog for reasons too obvious to bear mentioning. Trying to be polite and make conversation with a local resident, I asked if she had seen the ceremony. No, she answered, but she thought it wrong that, while people were killed for being white in some parts of Africa, a black man was ‘allowed’ to become President of the US of A.

    Come back Robert Burns, your country needs you.

  8. No. but I realised why people never said things like that to me in Rothesay – she saw my face….. she knew that I was another outsider.

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