it kindly stopped for me

yet another non-theological post…

but for this:  pondering your death is a classic spiritual discipline.

So, imagine the scene:

me, my car, and a very very steep driveway.

Ahead, a man and his dog.

To the side, a sort of cliff edge.

Below,  perfectly smooth black ice, slick with tension.

We skid slowly and gracefully off the edge of the road, as I tried simultaneously to steer back from the spin and to aim for the rhododendron  (the other option being a car-length drop and flip  into the neighbour’s garden).

All day since, Emily Dickenson on my mind.

(man, dog, car, rhododendron and I are all fine, by the way.  But nine hours later, it still feels all too close.)

10 thoughts on “it kindly stopped for me”

  1. I’ve just re-read my post. ‘Cliff edge’ is definitely overly dramatic for those who don’t have real knowledge of the driveway in question. Let us call it emotional realism.

  2. In a rather similar but unrelated area – would you have any insight as to why I had a vivid dream this week – in which Poppy and I were conducting an interview with Benjamin Britten?

  3. What does BB symbolise to you? And what was he saying? Don’t get sucked in by the story, look for the content and the symbols.

  4. We must get you some grit for the driveway. Didn’t we used to have a bin? Is it possible to apply for one? Graham?

  5. This is a tricky one for me, I knew what was going to happen (sooner or later), had several options to solve the problem, none of which I was able to personally resource and am now feeling distinctly responsible. Arrrrgh! I’ll speak directly about this soon.

  6. +David, I’m sure there must have been great valour in it somewhere.

    And Graham, repeat after me: ‘That was not my fault. That was not my fault. I do not have to solve every problem. That was not my fault.’

    I am usually wise enough to know that I am trapped on the hill. Needing to go out to get photos and paperwork for my immigrations appointment meant I chanced things when I shouldn’t have.

  7. Do you have readily available buckets of ice-melt and/or sand? (And Yaktrax for your shoes while spreading it?)

    I’m glad you’re all right. A car-length drop would not be a good thing.

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