Well it has been quite a week.

In the past ten days I have:

  • been offered and accepted a new post
  • been granted indefinite leave to remain in Britain
  • told three congregation I’ll be leaving
  • spoken to  almost everyone I care most about at length and sometimes several times over

Perhaps, then, you can see why the blog has been limping along with minimal attention.

I knew that there would be a tumult of emotions this week — real excitement at the opportunities that are opening up, sorrow to be leaving people here, and concern for what will come next for the congregations I have been serving.   Not my problem, you say?  Well, no.  But there is so much good here, and I want to see it continue even if I can’t be a part of it for much longer.

St Mary’s, Dunblane offers me fabulous opportunities.  The people I met in interview were enthusiastic about the church, and learning to be articulate about their hopes and plans for the future.  There are children there.  And people my own age.   And all sorts of people, really.

There is a lovely church building, a hall that surpasses anything one would dare to imagine, and a rectory right there in the centre of town.

It is one church, one place; no ferries required.

There are roads (with 2 or even 4 lanes) and train lines.  I will be be able to give Molly her breakfast, and be with my godchildren for lunch — and back again by midnight if need be.

It feels good to be returning to the St Andrews diocese, and to join in the diocesan vision that +David has been unfolding.

I am only ready for this because of all that my current congregations have taught me.  And I am fast realising how much they have yet to teach, as I engage in this transition which is new to me, but all too familiar for them.

So, now you know.  And all requests ‘not to tell” have been lifted.  Comments are open again, as are possibilities.

18 thoughts on “changes”

  1. Congratulations and welcome to the Central belt of Scotland! You can enjoy the community benefits of small town living but get to the cities easily on the train – best of both worlds. I hope it is a happy move and I’ll be thinking of you in the transition.

  2. Congratulations.

    You are now close enough for the “Flying Servers” to descend upon you from the Diocese of G+G, and not have to worry about ferry times (or the long way round).

    Do you have a date for you Institution yet? St Mary’s?? I remember another institution at a church dedicated to St Mary which was held on the Feast of the Visitation. Mind you it falls at Pentecost-tide this year.

  3. You have had all our congratulations but oh how sorry we are to see you go! You have given us such a lot in Dunoon and I am sure in Rothesay and Tighnabruaich too. At least the silver lining is we will keep in touch via the blogs. And there is lots still to do in the transition period.

  4. Wonderful news! Many congratulations! Alastair, Squeak and I are thrilled by the news. Sounds like a wonderful opportunity for you.

  5. very many congratulations from both of us.

    we will follow your progress by blog and mutual friends.

    how soon +?

  6. Yippee – can’t wait to visit you in Dunblane but hopefully there’ll be time to visit you in Dunoon before you move on.

    I’m absolutely thrilled.

  7. Missionaries are needed in Englandshire. Could you not have considered the challenge?

    We know that you will be successful where ever you are.

  8. Great news for you, Kimberly – congratulations. And of course my sympathy for the inevitable mixture of feelings that come along at such a time as these next few months.

  9. Well done you. You never know, I end up in Dundee for work so much these days I might actually be able to jump trains for half an hour and catch up with you 🙂

    Prayers for the transition for you and your past, future communities, of course.

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