I’m afraid I’ve spent the past hour plotting the decoration of the new rectory again.  (consider it my version of virtual cycling).

When I first walked away from the house in Dunblane, I thought that irony might be the only way to approach the strong 1960s features (walnut pelmets, bedroom sinks, a vintage kitchen…)  But, the kindness of the vestry means that things will be much improved.

I am glad.

But there’s one thing I have that was just perfect for the old kitchen that won’t do at all in the new…

So I share it here instead.


3 thoughts on “spared”

  1. My heart’s going out for the lobster!!

    What exactly don’t you like about the kithen pic above – I think it’s bright and chearful 😉

    Glad to hear that you’ll be moving into your new home with as much as possible decorated before you get there.

  2. Hi Kimberlley

    Welcome to Dunblane. I am sure you will be very happy here – it’s a great town.

    You won’t see me in church that often, but I do the Traidcraft at the church along with my wife Bridget. my daughter Lucy is probably the most devout of us all – you might see her in the Sundayschool (I can’t get used to “Young Church” I’m afraid – reminds me of other politically correct terms like “thought-showering” – you may have heard that the previous term “brain-storming” is no longer acceptable in case one offends people with epilepsy)

    Are you American or something? Couldn’t make out why you were being “allowed to stay here”

    Anyway if you ever want a view from the distant congregation, I’m your man. I do a lot of email but not much else, so the family say…



  3. Thanks for writing, Peter. A view from the edge is exactly what we want here. Feel free to join in the blog more often than you join in on Sundays if that’s what makes sense for you right now.

    And yes, I’m American — though I’ve now spent as many years in Britain as I did in the States, so the cultural identity is blurred round the edges.

    ‘thought-showering’ is a new one for me. ‘Young Church’, on the other hand, seems natural as a reminder that what the children are doing has more to do with worship than school (I hope).

    I look forward to meeting you in May.

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