a rare morning in Dunoon

It is not yet 2 pm, but whatever else comes of today, it has been a good day’s work.

Primary School assembly this morning.  I hadn’t a clue as to what I wanted to say, so yielded to confusion and brought a lot of pictures that relate to my faith and invited questions.  It was fun.  We covered (in one way or another) the origins of Christianity; Jesus and Judaism;  apophasis;  Christology; the nature of ritual; the radical transcendence of God; Pneumatology; the nature of fear, risk and faith;  and a theology of friendship.  Oh, and ‘where does God live?’.  After that,  I filled in for a boy who was absent as they practiced The White Cockade for the dance show next week, and then spent a few minutes watching a cormorant dry his wings before driving home.

A quick trip to the shops ensured I will have sufficient food for the weekend, and then I was blessed with one of those conversations that priests live for, but are far too rare outside of chaplaincy.   There was the added joy of it being someone roughly my own age, who has ironically appeared in my life here just as I am leaving.

The shape of my call was never just to the newly-retired, nor even (just) to strategic development, and certainly not to property management.  Those things have their place, but some of what I can offer is to a generation I have seen little of here, and it feels so good and right to have a chance to engage with that again.

Time, now, for a cup of tea and a bit more bird watching before getting on with the  Lay Training curriculum and sorting out style sheets, service books and web pages.

4 thoughts on “a rare morning in Dunoon”

  1. Amen, amen, amen.

    But you certainly know how to tantalize your readers! Can you tell us more about the pictures and questions that led to ‘the origins of Christianity; Jesus and Judaism; apophasis; Christology; the nature of ritual;’ etc. etc.?

  2. Xity & Judaism– The Christ Pantocrator icon from Sinai let to a discussion on what Jesus looked like and when I casually said ‘well, we know Jesus was a Jew…’ it caused a stir.

    That in turn led to a wider glance at origins of Xity.

    Christology came out of contrasting the Pantocrator Icon with a postcard of an Arabic design. Actually, this was also one of the things that touched on apophatic theology and transcendence.

    Ritual came up when someone asked how the piskie church was different from the C of S. (so we talked about birthday cakes and liturgy).

    fear/ risk/ faith came from a card of a kitten in scardy-cat post, but still moving towards a bigger dog who was wagging his tail.

    Pneumatology and theology of friendship came from a flowery-glittery thank you card that a friend once sent me just for being a friend.

    you get the gist…

  3. I’d forgotten that, Jackie. Though did a bit of disappearing yourself before settling back in Glasgow.

    Jackie, are you still living where you did?

    If so, you are not a million miles away from Elizabeth who also comments here. Do you know each other?

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