It’s Holy Week.

My car has died and I need urgently to buy a new one, and pick up the rental in the mean time.

I have thousands of pew sheets scattered about the house (well ahead of schedule:  thank you Maureen.)

I have sermons aplenty to think about and a whole host of things to do for two houses.

So naturally, I have resumed using electronic lists.  Vitalist was always more complex than I needed it to be, and now that they want me to pay, I’ve given up.  So, I’ve joined the dairy co-op.

Remember the Milk doesn’t do all that I want it to, but I love love love that simply typing a ‘t’ opens up a new task box, that you can type ‘tom’  to set the due date for tomorrow, th for thursday, and (best of all) ‘next w’ for … well, you get the idea.  The correct date magically appears, and all is well.

But there’s one flaw.

I seek long lists of things crossed off at the end of the day so that I can say, ‘oh look at all I’ve done’.  But of course, with RTM, as soon as I click  ‘complete’ the task disappears from my box.

I can imagine learning to seek the goal of a blank task box.  Perhaps it would help me think ‘OK, I can stop for today’.  But right now it feels very strange.

(and lets not even mention how four days of using RTM has put me back in the throes of  ‘apple or berry?’)

9 thoughts on “lists”

  1. Hmm. I would also be troubled by disappearing items rather than crossed off ones. I’ve never used electronic lists. I’m intrigued now.

  2. As I waited for my browser to load on my almost dead computer, I thought ‘no one else cares about lists… ah wait: Elizabeth…’

    I’m looking for an electronic list because the sheer volume of paper in my house is crazy this week, and I keep loosing the other lists I make.

    though today, I’m on a time table which I must clutch in my hand so as not to forget…

  3. One of the things I love about my (paper) diary is that it has a wodge of lined paper in the back that is perfect for list-making and generally means that I have lists near to hand. As long as I don’t misplace diary, but then I’d be in more serious trouble.

    That and the fact that it’s an ‘academic’ year diary but with an extra few months added in. So it runs from August 08 to December 09.

  4. sounds great.

    I started putting all of my Dunblane lists in a bright yellow hard back Dodo book so that I would always be able to find it easily. The dodo has waddled the coop.

  5. As a fellow ‘lister’, I can sympathize and appreciate Apple’s Notebook option which divides to-do’s into similarities: computer tasks, phone calls, office tasks, around the house tasks and errands. It’s been fun to look at things differently and I’ve started related to my filofax in a better way. As for crossing things off, I want a secretary that does that, then follows me around patting me on the back and shoving hot mugs of coffee at me. Now, must investigate the Dodo. Good luck with everything KB.

  6. I’m with you on wanting to see a list with crossed-off items, both because it assures me that I have accomplished something and because I can then remember that I have, in fact, completed that call/letter/errand, not just thought about it a lot.

    I use a liturgical calendar with the calendar on the left page and the to-do lined space on the right. Works beautifully!

    Now if I could just get some of those things crossed off…

  7. Bit late in here but I’m finally wading through my unread blogs.

    I LOVE RTM. I use it via twitter too – send a direct message to the rtm bot on twitter and I have a new entry 🙂
    i.e. d rtm get the milk 2pm tomorrow
    and since i have twitter set up for SMS (I’m on Vodafone) I do this via text.
    This all said, I have a blackberry so I can use the mobile website ( version of RTM which is brillant.
    Also Blackberrys have the official client but I don’t have a pro account so can’t get that.
    There is the iPhone app which I (obviously) haven’t used but I hear is good.
    If you use Firefox theres a Greasemonkey script for the RTM website. Also Lifehacker has a lot of posts on how to make it even better:

    Finally is a great shortcut 🙂

    (Sorry, i’m a bit passionate about web services like that)

  8. sorry Doug — your first comment went in the moderation list because of links. I’m just about to approve it now.

    I ended up getting the iPhone in large part because I loved the RTM app for it.

    But it’s all good. The first time I typed ‘preacher’s training nxt Thu 11 and the correct date appeared for 10 days away, I sang alleluias and gave up my other list account.

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