7 thoughts on “rejoice heavenly powers”

  1. update:

    Little Bunny seems to be bonding with Little Car. The cool shadows beside the wheels provide perfect cover each time a dog barks, a child shouts, a large bird squawks. Very sweet.

  2. they’re still too elusive for me to go outside, and too far away for the camera to cope through the window. Just picture a normal rabbit only smaller and more swede-like.

  3. The horrible person who ran over baby bunny in my driveway today had better hope God is more forgiving than I am.

    I feel sick.

    … and then [five minutes later] I tried to take consolation in the fact that crows must live and eat too, only to have Molly’s least favourite neighbourhood cat come and steal the rabbit away. Horrid horrid all around.

    People wonder why I have a house-cat.

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