doing our bit

Well, the vestry and congregation of Dunblane are certainly giving a boost to the local economy.  The new kitchen is in; the parquet floor has been refinished; the hall and stairs are prepared for the carpet; the copy room has a new, more sound-proof door; the new boiler is boiling; the trees that were overhanging wires have been cut back; and the painter is painting away.

All quite remarkable — and even more amazing:  everything is being done on time.

And — AND– I met the rectory bunny today.
All shall be well and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well.

5 thoughts on “doing our bit”

  1. All very exciting. I’m so glad things are moving along so quickly – and you have a bunny!

    But the most important question: how does Molly feel about it all?

  2. I suspect Molly will be very cross indeed. A garden full of school children instead of chaffinch? No windowseat, nor even a decent windowsill?

    I’m hoping that the fact that there won’t be so many days that I leave early and come back late will make up for it.

    On another note, your instinct is good: last night my own concern for Molly led me to dream that someone came visiting with their pet pig in tow, and he charged up the stairs, and nibbled Molly’s ears off. She was sulky but not bleeding, and as I tried to find a safe place to put her while I called the vet, we encountered a tail-nibbling goat, and a taunting mouse. (aren’t anxiety dreams wonderful?)

  3. It sees that now I am haunting your very nightmares …. I was all out of pigs by the time you arrived, wasn’t I? And goats as well. But used to have both of course.

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