25 years

Twenty-five years ago today, the US health secretary announced that the virus that causes AIDS had been found.

I was fortunate.  I was only 12 in 1984, and I grew up in the generation that knew how not to get ill.  But still:  one friend lost their father, one friend tried to kill himself, three friends live with the virus, and more friends than I dare think about are safe and well by sheer luck .

  • Pray for those who are living with HIV/AIDS and who know the truth of it.
  • Pray for those who think they are invincible and risk too much.
  • Pray for those who have lost those they loved, and who have watched so many people suffer and die.
  • Pray for those who try to educate and prevent the spread of AIDS in places where its causes are misunderstood or unknown.
  • Pray for those who have been infected deliberately, though acts of hatred and malice.
  • Pray for the children who grow up too soon, watching their parents die.
  • And pray for those who give their lives to finding a cure, funding treatments, and caring for those who are ill.

Done praying?  Is 25 years worth £25?

The Terrance Higgins Trust is the UK’s largest AIDS charity, does great work, and has a ‘charity shopping’ scheme which means you can buy things you needed anyway in such a way that some of the money goes to the Trust.

Alternately, you might be interested in a charity that focuses its work on  Children with AIDS.

Then there is the Elton John Aids Foundation, which was early on the scene and did a huge amount to break through  taboos  in the bad old days.   The UK link is here and the US link here.

For more information, and for more charities see the HIV Scotland website, or tell us your stories of who we should support and why.

4 thoughts on “25 years”

  1. Thanks Kelvin —

    not least because their web site is advertising a charity concert by The James Farrer Singers at Lutton Place on 2 May.

    Truly: if you can go, you should. I am hard pressed to think of a singing group whose concert gave me more joy.
    (though I admit: we did a themed night, with gold lame blouses and salmon vol-o-vents.)

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