Earlier this week, a  non-Piskie friend asked me if I felt obliged to go to church during my holidays.

I said that I longed for those few Sundays that I got to go to church with no strings attached.  Indeed, I plan my holidays around making sure I am where I need to be for good worship on a Sunday.  Those days as precious, and I find a really good service ‘feeds’ me for weeks and months after the event.

And you have seen that in my reflections on the service at St Thomas’.

I have been promising to blog on the eucharist, and I will.  But procrastination has paid off, for I have realised that before I write about it, I must preach on it — and that never works so well the other way round.

Sadly, my last service in Dunoon tomorrow will be difficult.  There was crazy unwarranted conflict in the congregation this week and no matter how many times I tell myself to let go and let people be angry with me if they need to be, the truth is that I am blinded by it and it is interfering with my ability to preach well on my last day.

And it is the service at St Thomas’ that has come to the rescue:  an experience of spaciousness and grace, that was not free from conflict or difficulty, but an experience in which God triumphed over the human failures.

So yes:  I go to church when I am on holiday.  I can’t imagine how I would live otherwise.

6 thoughts on “grace”

  1. I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow. And glad to hear that ‘the St Thomas holiday’ (do you think of your holidays in terms of the good services, as well as plan for them?) is bearing fruit.

  2. Glad the heathen has her uses! Having said that holidays are in my opinion the fuel for keeping you going so…. my holidays are planned well in advance. Hang in there not long until your trip, just a few small issues to survive between now and then! Thinking about you lots and see you soon with all those boxes to unpack.

  3. Maybe they need to be angry precisely because they love you and it is easier to let go that way… just a thought.

  4. that would be OK if I were the only one being affected, but this is more complicated.

    The wind and rain were terrible last night: perhaps all the fuss will have blown away.

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