Today, I believe that the greatest virtue is truth.

Kindness does not go amiss either.

ah, Molly has come to correct me:  the greatest virtue is purring.

8 thoughts on “deadly”

  1. Hmm. Not sure whether your conviction of the great virtues is spurred on by their presence or absence (if it’s the latter, I’m sorry – and hope they will present themselves speedily). However, Molly at least seems to be a clear force for good. Which is good news indeed.

  2. both — absence of truth in some directions had led to others championing the truth bravely.

    but it’s the former that’s so painful, of course.

    but I’ve now managed to pack two boxes!

  3. Yay for packing! And for champions! Yes, I can see that the absence of truth would be painful and lead one to both a renewed recognition of its virtue and an intense appreciation of its champions.

  4. Cats always have their priorities straight. We could learn a lot from them. So sorry this process has been so fraught with anger and hurt, but to echo Elizabeth, yay for champions.

  5. Hmm. Seems that your last days in Dunoon have been something of a mixed experience. I’m sorry about that. Hope the good bits (of which there are many, I know) will occupy more space in your memory in due course. Onward and upward.

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