baptism by fire

So far today I have:

  1. slept later that I normally would after being too ‘high’ from the service last night to get to bed
  2. gone to unlock the church to find people ready and waiting for morning prayer (which has no precident and has not been announced)
  3. gone home to create morning prayer booklets (quickly), fend off phone calls and sort out readings
  4. said morning prayer with the congregation
  5. fought with the sacristy key and lost (still can’t get in, from either door)
  6. fought with the choir vestry key and won
  7. discussed the history of the Scottish and English rites in the prayer book with the poor people who were doing the magazine.
  8. discussed the liturgical movement, and explained the peace
  9. gave warning that I would wait as long as it took to get a response in the Prayer Book eucharist
  10. agreed to make prayer book eucharist booklets so that they know where we are and are able to respond.  (so, ‘we love the service’ even though we can’t follow it??  I will never understand people’s relationship with the Prayer Book)
  11. talked (repeatedly) with the people delivering my sofas today (result:  they are coming at the worst possible time, when the house will be full of kids, paint, food…)
  12. made a list of ‘must do immediately’
  13. made a list of ‘must do Monday’

And none of that, none at all, was what I expected to do today.

What I have not yet done is have breakfast, and it is now 10.48 am.  Time to boil the kettle.

4 thoughts on “baptism by fire”

  1. 12.45pm — finally drininking that crucial ‘first cup of tea’ for the day.

    I’m learning:
    — must be up at six to have a few hours quiet before the chaos begins.
    — a quick walk to M&S to buy strawberries on a sunny day is an excellent way of escaping the phone for 15 min.
    — things slow down after 11.30am. Which means I can get the work I had planned to do done.


    (or, as a very clever very young person said last night: Hosannah!)

  2. It is called the holiday is over! I remember that feeling. It was great last night, hope the memories live on for a long time. Now the hard work begins.

  3. In at the deep end! Congratulations! Was so sorry to miss last night but sent many good wishes and prayers across the water from Connecticut.

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