couldn’t escape this one

institution 400px

I’ve stolen this off the diocesan web page so that those who were oceans away can have a look.  You will know how rare it is that someone manages to get a photo of me…

Kelvin is the one looking like the Cheshire Cat.  The Dean, Kenny, comes next.  I’m the one having the bad hair day. Then it’s Bishop David.

Given that it was taken before the service, I think we’re all looking remarkably relaxed.

now — time to go back to the diocesan web site to see if I can figure out where tomorrow’s meeting is (I have a place name, but no address; and since I’ve never been to Kinross…)

4 thoughts on “couldn’t escape this one”

  1. I may regret sayibg this, however I think Dean Kenny’s cope looks nicer than Kelvin’s “Cope of Glory”.

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