short lived idea

Ok.  Someone more clever than I has pointed out that what I was trying to do on Facebook was against the regulations, and that I could solve the problem by setting up a group (and that no, the group members didn’t link as ‘friends’).  So that I what I shall do.  Tomorrow or Monday…

Sorry to the person who I’d just befriended in the account I’m about to delete…

8 thoughts on “short lived idea”

  1. I’d hoped to do a similar kind of thing, until someone pointed out to me it contravened Facebook regulations.

    What I could do with this week is a temporary suspension of my account, until after next Sunday, as Facebook is the place where all my worlds intermingle!

  2. I had two facebook accounts for a while by accident (don’t ask) and it was a real pain. I’m glad you figured out an alternative!

  3. You can’t have more than one facebook account? Really?? Gosh, didn’t know that at all. Glad I read this!!

  4. I’ve finally given up on my facebook account being very private. It’s not entirely public space, but given that one of the diocesan standing committee members, my school deans, and several friends of my father’s have sent friend requests, I’ve kind of given up. I did draw the line at a random seminary alum I’ve never met and a deacon from Chicago who didn’t bother explaining why they wanted to be friends with a total stranger… Oh well. It’s not as though I had any secrets.

  5. I think I’m feeling more uncertain about how the free conversation of my friends relates to 12 – 15 year olds. I don’t ever want to read something that is perfectly appropriate for a 35 year old to be writing on facebook, and think ‘ooh, I hope none of the teenagers sees that.’

    So, others of you who deal with this — how does it work?

  6. Actually… it also contravenes regulations for 12 year olds to be using Facebook.

    I’ve decided to have Facebook as an open space for all my friends of whatever age, and so far, with one exception, which I deleted, I have never had cause to worry about what anyone saw. I’ve only once accepted a friend request from someone I don’t know, but she is a friend of a friend, and we tease our mutual friend in a very similar way.

    I also discovered it seems to be a short-lived on line friendship on the whole with younger teenagers, who are more worried about what you will see on their pages, and possibly report back to parents. My 14 year old niece invited me, then blocked me….

    One older church teenager admitted the fact I was a friend of hers helped her draw some boundaries with some friends who were making her uncomfortable with what they were saying/posting.

    I’ve also not accepted any invitations from younger
    people without the full knowledge and consent of their parents.

  7. Have you thought of using the restricted profile? All the young people I have worked with are on this profile until they turn 18 or can’t come back to Glenalmond. I don’t like turning down friend requests and this seemed like the best way round it.

    They can’t see things like photo albums and posted links etc. but they can send me messages etc.

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