tweet, tweeet, TWEET

In case you’ve not read the side bar, today’s game is to combine my synod lunch-time talk on Twitter with Kelvin’s 3 minute proper-synod talk on mission.  (the game is mine, don’t blame him for it.)

so, the game is this:

you have 140 characters (including spaces an punctuation) to say something about what the misison of the SEC should be.  If you twitter, please do it there and use the #pisky tag (in which case you will have 133 characters left).  Even if you don’t twitter, have a go here.

And if you blog, and you think there is mileage here, please pass word on.

This would be really helpful for my synod talk  (hint hint).  In fact, the more #pisky tags that are used today the better, whatever the topic.

The first person to play was someone here in Dunblane.  He offered:

To be a place of welcome and integrity, of laughter, reverence and joy.
To live for others, so that each may be fully alive.

A good start, I think.

You don’t have to be pisky to join in.

8 thoughts on “tweet, tweeet, TWEET”

  1. To be part of a community where there are opportunities to learn from each other. In learning from each other we help each other lead better lives.

  2. I want ‘passion’ in there somewhere, I think. I’m not convinced by ‘live for others’ but I do like ‘so that others may be fully alive, something like, ‘to [blank – enable?- not right word, something along that line- I’m thinking in computer speak] our own lives and others, so that all may be fully alive.

  3. Ideally, in a conference situation, you should run a live back-chat screen behind the speaker so that the audience can, as it were, pass notes in class (via Twitter) and a clever speaker can then latch onto the back-channel and use the comments. And to have that actually at Synod would fairly bring it into the present moment – except that there are too many non-twits about. If you’re interested you do it by running a search for the tag at and then put the page on autorefresh every 5 seconds using the Firefox plugin Auto Refresh.
    And no, I’ve never done it personally, though I’ve contributed to a backchat.

  4. thanks, Chris. I will do it to a limited extent using Tweetdeck, but as you said, there won’t be enough people in the room ready to join in so I’ll have to think about it differently.

    Keep coming with the mission bits. It’s interesting to see what gets prioritised.

  5. Oops, this was supposed to go on other post. O dear. Blogs and tweet and email and I really need to go to a meeting. Back to the non-virtual world for me!

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