good things

Some good things I have learned today:

  1. the rectory rabbit is not alone: hurrah. (I realise not everyone shares my joy)
  2. contrary to rumour, we do indeed know ‘which Mary’ we are dedicated to.  It is right there on the wall:  ‘window given on the centenary of the dedication, 28 May, 1945’.
  3. there is therefore good precedent for celebrating the Visitation on the 28th.  I shall take no more teasing about it from the Provost, and hereby declare it our Patronal (Matronal?) festival.  (apparently there hasn’t been one for a while??)
  4. blue-tak is 99% reliable.  (sadly, there were about 300 blobs of it on the wall)
  5. white-tak by UHU is better.
  6. wedding season does end.  (actually, I still take this on faith; but the thought is happy)
  7. Fat Rascals, sent kindly and humorously from Betty’s by Betty, survived a few days of negligence at the post office while I lived under the illusion that the packet was Inspires.
  8. The flower arrangers are coming up with beautiful and creative solutions to the dilemma I created by the words ‘flowers don’t belong on an altar.’  This week we have gladioli, dogwood, and lots of delicate white froofy things that the angels  rejoice in and call by name: tucked artfully into window ledges, rejoicing from pedestals, surprising at every turn.

7 thoughts on “good things”

  1. The next time you come south we will take you to Bettys, the original outlet, and you can have your fill of fat rascals freshly baked

  2. excellent. I will seek a time to take you up on that. In truth, it’s Dad who loves Fat Rascals. I tend to choose tea cakes — though I remember Edward having a fine bit of fruitcake with Wensleydale.

  3. Sarah, it was brilliant. Thank you. I just haven’t had a chance to ring today (nor indeed, to figure out where my address book is in the move…)

    (Likewise, Mosaguda: beautiful red jug arrived safely. Thank you.)

  4. Worry not! New job etc etc. It’s nearly the hols for me (hurrah! Sorry, non-education people.) Dunblane is in driving distance, so we’ll get together soon.

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