help wanted

So, I’m building a new church web site.

(pause while regular readers laugh knowingly)

But wonderfully funny, occasionally outrageous, and pastorally astute Peacebang has offered some very useful tips in what we should be aiming for.

So, while I shamelessly steal her ideas, I need help from the congregation in Dunblane.

I already have one of our talented photographers working on the instructions ‘I want candids of real people doing real things’ — but now lets be more specific.

I want photos of H. mowing the lawn… of G kneeling in the midst of a pile of flowers preparing the church for worship…the craft group crafting… the teenagers helping at Radio Rainbow…  the girls cleaning the church…

And pictures of things people do in the community… of taking communion to the elderly (not posed — but maybe at the moment of laughing over a cup of tea before the communion set has disappeared from site), of planting flowers in the community flower beds, of helping a neighbour carry their shopping.

I wish I had had my camera on Sunday when an older, quiet, gentle man was sitting intimately with the child who was having A VERY BAD DAY.   So next time…

And then, I want quotations.  Lots of the things that were written on ‘The Waters that Sustain’ my first Sunday could be tweaked into something meaningful out of context, but it would be better to get things fresh.  Would you write to me, talk to me, talk to each other and listen for those memorable phrases:  what does your faith mean to you?  why do you go to church?  where do you feel closest to God?  How do you embody God for others?

Now, I suspect some non-Dunblane folk will want in on this, so do play in the comments.  But those of you who are local:  will you spread the word, get out your cameras, and write down those wonderful phrases to help me build this web page.

5 thoughts on “help wanted”

  1. ah, and the comment I added explaining this I put on the wrong post…

    it said:

    “oh dear, the person I linked to has just gone for a few days with the Spiritualists. Skip that post and scroll down to the stuff she says about public image if you follow the link. (and now, you’ll all go to read about the Spiritualists, won’t you. sigh.)”

    (and I’ve now deleted it from Dix and Cranmer)

  2. Well, I did – but as I’m writing up Bute’s spiritualist interests atm, it was most interesting, and I’ve bookmarked the whole blog. So it was not lost 🙂

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