liturgical revision

In light of Jackie’s comment, and after browsing the BBC website while drinking a cup of tea, may I suggest:

My Companion, my Sea Dragon, my Guide along the way.

(focus on the dance, forget about the fertility gods)


11 thoughts on “liturgical revision”

  1. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh, just think of what fun could be had with plasticine and Godly Play!

  2. yes, exactly.

    Now, are you going to persuade your provost to get out the craft box, or has the time come for art and prayer games in Dunblane?

    (have I told you about the bubble prayers? I can’t wait for the bubble prayers… but we need to find the chirostic moment.)

    Is ‘chirostic’ in the same realm as unicorns do you suppose? or is it more akin to sea dragons?

  3. Ooo, art and prayer games in Dunblane sounds like much fun!

    But I am lost with ‘chirostic’ – I don’t know this word. Give me a definition and I will assign a creature!

  4. yes.

    Elizabeth, it’s ‘due time’, ‘God’s time’, ‘the season for…’ etc
    rather than clock time.

    So, or example:
    “Elizabeth’s supervisor may have thought that that chapter was due tomorrow, but Elizabeth knew that the chairatic moment had not appeared, and she mustn’t foreclose on her options yet.”

  5. Ah! All is clear. Spelling, always a pesky matter. In that case, I think chirostic is a perfectly appropriate term!

  6. As for how chiros and phd interact . . . well. That is a lengthy subject. My supervisor has extraordinary notions of tight deadlines, while continuing to assure me that ‘it will emerge’. So I work between hope and panic!

  7. I must say that a moment for art and prayer games in Dunblane would be chironistic for me at almost any moment just now.

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