9 thoughts on “everyday blessing #8”

  1. it does make me wonder, slightly, about the nature of local economy when the only warm socks I could find were fuzzy and striped.

    (hmmm. I’m not sure I’ve ever written the plural word for ‘warm knitted things worn on the feet’. I’m sure it should be sox — especially if they’re stripy.)

  2. worse than any thoughts of the wicked witch is a sentence which demands imagining me and a leotard in the same frame. Even at 6, it was a sorry embarrassing sight.

    But how I longed to be one of those dancers/ musicians/ free spirits running down the corridors of the Art School.


    (lala la la la laa-la, i want to learn how to fly … )

  3. MrsZ and I are trying to remember if you ever turned up at St Marys College in attire such as this. We think it is wonderful

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