the healing time

A project I was working on today led me back to last year’s Lent Blog: Beauty from Chaos.

Coming to it with fresh eyes was a revelation.   It made me eager for us to approach Lent, so that we can start again.

This past Advent, a very small group of people kept Love Blooms Bright alive and rich with stimulus, while I ignored them completely.

Oh I read it, but I failed to comment or to say ‘thank you’ often enough or to offer the support and encouragement they deserved.

But now, my resolve is strengthened.  It’s time to blog again.

Please go back to last year’s Beauty from Chaos and remember how wonderful it is.  Then ask yourself:  are you willing to make it happen again?  We need writers, photographers, poets, artists.  It doesn’t matter if you’ve never blogged before.  We can teach you.  Ideally we’re looking for 7 people, most (but not necessarily all) of whom will be from the SEC —  but there is always some flexibility in that

If you are willing to join in — and to hold me to my resolve — please leave a comment or get in touch by email.

3 thoughts on “the healing time”

  1. So… I’ve wrestled with this one for a few days now. I’ve done it before and sometimes enjoyed contributing and sometimes found it a chose amidst the busyness. But maybe that’s a good discipline? To be truthful, I’ve always felt a little inadequate amongst some of your other contributors and my style is certainly not of the same ilk, if you get what I mean.

    Having said that, I do love reading it and although not all appeals then maybe…

    Well, my point is that yes, I’d like to contribute again, if you’ll have me!

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