clergy norms

don’t miss this post, over at Theolog.

For the record, the diocese of St Andrews Dunkeld and Dunblane probably did better with dessert than the bar, but that was probably due more to lack of time than lack of will.

1 thought on “clergy norms”

  1. What fun.

    When I was on duty as security (stop laughing…) at General Convention in 2006, I got posted to the House of Bishops one day, checking ID at the door. The range of dress was astonishing: everything from purple cassocks to flowered capri pants (obviously that was a woman bishop! or maybe not so obviously…) and everything in between. The retired bishops were the most casual; I suppose being off the hook trumped any desire to hold fast to the good old days of being properly dressed up at all times. I don’t remember any birks or t-shirts with slogans, but perhaps I wasn’t looking hard enough.

    I don’t remember there being great desserts or a bar around – we seemed to do best with coffee and Chinese take-out.

    What’s it like in Scotland when you gather?

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