don’t tell Molly

It seems I have a pet mouse.

She is nesting in the garage in my painting basket, having shredded my pink painting-t-shirt for a bed.  She has made quite a remarkable little home, with several discernible rooms.  She leapt at me fiercely when I went in for a brush, and then bravely stood her ground.

I don’t have the heart to move her while it is still windy and cold.

She is called Deborah.

10 thoughts on “don’t tell Molly”

  1. Good name – no don’t tell Molly. I had a stand up row with a teacher at age about 10 3/4 because she wanted me to fill in ‘as brave as a lion, as quiet as a mouse’ in my 11+ preparation book. I insisted that given their size, mice are MUCH braver than lions. QED.

  2. O.T. names for rodents- the only other one that comes to mind is in Frances Hodgson Burnett’s “A Little Princess,” where the heroine christens the rat in the attic Melchisedech, for no apparent reason.

  3. oh it got worse.

    I accidentally turned her out outside when looking for something — and then left the door ajar in case she needed to get back in to her little ones.

    They are quite lovely creatures when they are not under the bed in the middle of the night.

  4. LOL. I do agree they are very cute out in the fields where they belong, not in my kitchen cupboards reeking havoc and bringing disease into my house.

    The big old meany in me can lend you a very successful mouse trap and it isn’t the humane kind! The best bait is still chocolate!

  5. I can think of better ways to use chocolate…

    and part of my theory is that if they have a tidy little home with a food supply in the brick garage, they have no need to try to break into the house.

    Molly, of course, is embossing invitations.

  6. My brother, an experienced vet, left his favourite tweed hat in a barn. By the time he went back to find it a robin had built a nest in it. He left it there. He too was a big softy.

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