a night out

The whole of East Sands to myself, with the tide newly out and fine pools of water to splash in.  Before that, much laughter at a splendid house group.  For the full story you’ll have to wait for the August Inspires.  For a hint, there is a photo beneath the fold.

4 thoughts on “a night out”

  1. When we lived at Cambo House, just sometimes we used to walk home by the East sands, and then the coastal path.

  2. The picture of the ladies is wonderful. They are ‘stars’ in my book. The East Sands at night can be magical as we both know.

  3. Kimberly I woúld have loved to hear what the saints, and this is exactly what they are, had to say. as far as StA is concerned never a day goes by without my walking the streets and fairways of that place. Being a missionary,again, here in the Third World is not easy

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