waiting for Millard

Looks who’s appeared at the feeding station:

When I arrived I was promised ducks.

Ducklings, in fact, nesting on the lawn.   There has never been any sign of them.  Until now.  After annoying all the jackdaws, and standing off a magpie, Dux quacked for a while then took his leave, soaring towards the pond in an unhesitating curve around the church.

I’m hoping he’s gone to get her…
that ducklings may yet arrive.

Molly, of course,  is much less clear on the desired course of events.
It’s the quacking (and the fact that she can’t chase them).

2 thoughts on “waiting for Millard”

  1. I was out looking for Lucy Pussy the other night (dirty stop-out!) and found two ducks sitting in the middle of the road. I think they had strayed from the Figgate Burn but an alsation out for its nightly constitutional saw them off before I could get my camera. I did ask if they had eaten LP but they didn’t understand LP-talk.

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