the Episcopal Church welcomes you

Dux is back — my very fine drake.

And at last, he is not alone.

I saw them process up the drive, Dux quacking knowingly.  He led his companion to the seed tray, the water dish, the shady shower of seed provided by the song birds, and then on (in the heat of the morning) to a cooling patch of mud.

Very proud he was too.

But this is my duck, remember — so it’s not quite as it was before.

Alas.  The same old story…

9 thoughts on “the Episcopal Church welcomes you”

  1. Have you blessed them, Kimberly. I feel that it might be appropriate to think about a blessing before ducklings are fostered. Does that make me helplessly old-fashioned?

  2. Kelvin, I did pull the white knot of my pocket, and give them their options.

    So far, only one of them is chatting with me, and the other is too demure to speak. Pastorally, I think they need encouragement to explore the world that is opening up for them, and are not quite ready for vows.

    the talk of fostering is an aspirational vision.

    They did return for evensong, so I’m hopeful.

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