different ways

We’ve been having conversations, lately, about different ways of caring about people.  My way is this:

I stand in the rain, leaning against the east wall of the church, where I can watch the porch door without being seen.  It was time to lock up, and now it is not, because inside someone is praying.

10 minutes.
20 minutes.
30 minutes. raining.

Someone else?

someone else would have gone in and chatted with him and learned his life story and invited him to church.

and there is never any way to be sure which is best.

but my way is to stand in the rain, waiting.

trusting God in silence.

7 thoughts on “different ways”

  1. Thank you for being a door keeper in the house of God 🙂
    (which could sound as if you’re barring the way, – absolutely not the intention)

  2. If there was a ‘like’ button on here as there is on FB, then it would be ‘like’! What a great way to pray.

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