ways with tin foil

Just found this on TED (having begun with my old friend Mandlebrot).

I like her.  She’s fun.

Intricate beauty by design

Stick around long enough for the tin-foil joke.

Rosemary, you should watch a bit longer:  for valentines, and some boots that I think you might covet.


10 thoughts on “ways with tin foil”

  1. Oh my word! Thank you for pointing me in this direction. I feel completely inspired. Now I really must find those Calligraphy lessons that I’ve been talking about for years…

  2. Yes inspirational. I watched and perhaps see ways forward for an angel book – which I think has to be a book for all ages.

  3. Do you ever get the feeling that the church of the future looks a lot like an artists’ commune?

    (oh wait — that’s what the church of the past looked like too. Bother those Calvinists who messed up the local landscape.)

  4. I got the title for the book today, or I think I did: ‘Dragons and other angels.’ Does anybody like it?

  5. I’ve never (yet) felt I had a lot to ADD to unicorns. I still tend to feel ‘The Little White Horse’ was the ideal unicorn. I tend to prefer spiky difficult beasts. (Yes, yes, I know, I know!)

  6. I found The Little White Horse a little over-sweet, but then, I think if I had first read it younger, I would have loved it beyond all reason. This reminds me that I keep meaning to read The Last Unicorn and haven’t gotten around to it. My favorite is Unicorns in the Rain, a futuristic Noah story.

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