The music nights continue to evolve.

This week we had … men.  (and carrot sticks.  there goes my excuse to buy cheese)

Music ranged from Tea for Two (ah, fond memories of the James Farrer Singers) to Snow Patrol ( do you think the Beloved Disciple might sing ‘Chasing Cars’ to Jesus on Maundy Thursday?).

And in between, rhythm games and the realization that we were better at keeping a beat with our eyes closed.   It was a surprise to me that a group that struggled to clap in time, once given the usual array of instruments, could create and hold remarkably complex rhythms, and even shift time  in response to an altered drum (quite complex– the drummer turned an 1/8th note upbeat into the third beat of four, and everyone followed).    Oh, and for the insatiably curious:  in the instrumental improv game, millet is far more versatile than split peas.

We also sang hymns. Lots and lots of hymns.  The game was ‘the good, the bad and the ugly’  starting at page one and working our way through.  There was remarkable agreement, apart from a techy rector who suggested that the trees of the field would clap on the off beat.

Most importantly, we had fun.  Laughter, and silliness, and even a quick waltz at the end (sorry, some of you missed that…).

Thanks to everyone who came, sang, played, laughed, and who said a tentative ‘yes’ to singing & playing a new canticle in a few weeks time.

11 thoughts on “evolution”

  1. I loved it. Laughter, friendship and music – and food. I came straight from work, exhausted as ever but found myself energized. I will make every effort to be there for the next one!

  2. It was very enjoyable and stimulating too. It was intriguing trying to keep the rhythm and tempo of the paperclips and knitting needles in line with the bongo drums (now there’s a sentence I thought I would never read, far less write…)

    It was a joy to revisit some hymns that were very popular in P’s and G’s some years ago. And to listen to some less known. I look forward to our next journey through the pages of the
    hymnal (my turn on the bongos next time!)

    Thanks to all who made it such a pleasurable, and informative, evening.

  3. Sounds to have been fun. Tea for Two- there’s a a set of words by Fred Kaan, a Communion hymn to that tune,that starts,”Bread and wine for two or three”- perhaps you sang it?I must look at it again when I get back to Dunblane.

    Love to all at St. Mary’s xx

  4. It truly was fun, Mary. More refreshing than a G & T on a summer’s evening. Have a safe journey home to Dunblane and St Mary’s. I am now going to have to search for the words by Mr

  5. Richard- ask Anthony to find it- the book is green, small and I think towards the left of the shelf of hymn books in my sitting room. The title is something about sowing seeds, but escapes me at the moment- there may be others in the book you’d enjoy

  6. No, no — we actually sang Tea for Two!

    I don’t think we need to search too long for the words of a hymn set to that tune — after our talk of the version the James Farrer singers do, there is not much hope that the tune could add to the dignity or reverence of worship, and that is not quite the space in the service for a sudden peal of laughter.

    However, we could happily laugh at the next music night, so if anyone does find it by all means bring it along.

  7. sounds like a great way to have fun and get to know each other that bit better!
    Always look forward to hearing how the Thursday evening’s go!

    “New” Sarah

  8. Of course the trees of the field clap on the off-beat. But it must have been a very long sing-song if you started at page 1, either alphabetically or chronologically, and got to that!

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