Give thanks to the Lord for he is good:
For Fr Kevin shall be made bishop.

This is such good news for the church. ( and for Kevin and Elspeth too, I hope)

Congratulations Kevin — and thanks to the wise bishops who saw this process through.

There is more information here.

4 thoughts on “Hurrah!”

  1. Goodness, when I read this in my feed reader I misread the name and thought our Provost was leaving us.

    I’m so very pleased for the Diocese that this period of uncertainty is now over.

  2. no, Sarah. It’s been very complicated. The normal system is for the diocese to elect. But the diocese failed to elect during 2 cycles, which meant that a never-before-used rule came into effect, and the bishops got to appoint. It’s not how we would want to do it all the time, but in this case it’s a blessing.

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