When Advent rolls round, or Lent, and it’s time to sort out the seasonal blogs, I think ‘why do I do this?’

I dare not think how many people I have taught to use wordpress, how many times I have talked people through signing up and learning to post.  I’m becoming much more blasé about it now that so many more people are blogging.  But still, it takes time, when I haven’t had much blogging energy for quite a while now.

But then it begins:  a flurry of emails to set it all up.  A new author whom I sense has the eagerness that some of the old hands used to have.  My most dependable, mistreatable author ready to jump in with today’s post with no warning — and what a post it is.  A whole group of people ready to step out on the ice, take a risk, try something new.

I love it.

And after a few hours of making it all work, I clicked on the blog one last time to find that someone totally new, totally unknown had found it by accident and read through all the back posts.

And that makes it worth it.   Every time.

1 thought on “beginning”

  1. I use the seasonal blogs to try out new things, because I often get reactions. This time I am writing in the third person, and not monologues. I have a theme (as ever) and as ever I fear it will not come true or fresh or as good as before – and as ever, I hope that I will grow a little (liar, I hope I will grow a lot!)

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