when peaceful silence…

It is beautiful here.  Snowing again — fine, eccentric flakes glimmering in the sun.   The driveway never catches the light — which means that the 18+ inches of snow might be problematic for quite a while.  But at my desk, it is warm and bright.

And I love it.

More that the view, I love the sound — the lack of sound.  A deep still silence broken only by the occasional bird chirp.  This is such a contrast to the usual state of the rectory:  constant chatter and laughter and screaming from the school kids as they walk back and fort to the hall; the regular whoosh of cars and thud of doors.

The silence is so precious that I don’t want to break it.  Or miss it.

Several of my more extroverted friends are getting restless.  They are tearing through work, knee deep in show to run errands.  A part of me wishes I had their restlessness, their energy.  I would get much more done.

But snow brings out the huge gulf between introverts and extroverts.

I just love this:  the silence, the stillness, the lack of pressure to go anywhere or see anyone.

And I am getting things done — cleaning bits of the house that I haven’t seen for a while.  Helping people learn how to use WordPress.  Doing odds and ends for Christmas.  Catching up with that endless pile of things that are always needing attention but never quite urgent.  But I thought I’d be further through it by now.

No.  It seems there is enough to do to keep me busy for days, weeks like this.

And there will come a day (tomorrow, perhaps) where I have to choose to leave the peace and the silence, lest I get trapped here and forget how to emerge.

But for now it is glorious, and healing.   Less productive this week, perhaps; but in the long run, this is more productive, more creative.  The weeks ahead will be better, and easier because of it.

I am envious of my extroverted friends energy, of their productivity.

But this is weather for introverts, and I am suddenly at peace.

8 thoughts on “when peaceful silence…”

  1. I, too am so conscious of the silence. Advent waiting takes on a whole new meaning in the peace of not a sound.

  2. Yes. This. (not that we have 18 inches here – more like five and most of it’s gone from the roads and the pavements are fairly passable – at least in the middle of Glasgow)

  3. Sigh. If only I could. But if I don’t get out, I don’t get paid, and really I cannot afford that. And there is also the need to get the animals fed – thankfully I got up the hill tonight with enough cat food and bird food and horse feed to last a couple of weeks – and here there are only perhaps three inches. Which does not justify retreat. But Monday – ah this Monday NOTHING is scheduled, and I DON’T have to demolish a fireplace….

  4. I will be envious of your 3 – 5 inches of snow in a day or two. Back to work properly tomorrow… though I doubt there will be many communicants for the 10.30 am eucharist.

  5. Aaagghh to peace and quiet, I say!

    I had one 17 year old lad for morning prayer today but nobody turned up for the eucharist. But isn’t everyone friendly on the street? I love that people talk to one another at times like these.

  6. I’ve just walked to the shops and was thinking the same thing. It might become a blog post, so I won’t say more here (unless it doesn’t– right now, Molly it testing whether I can still type if she lays her tail across the key board. She does *not* want it to be a normal work day.

  7. Yes this is the weather for introverts as I know all too well as there is one living here in this home in the Third World. Some what like myself, I think

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