returning to life

slowly, slowly, life is returning.

I was iced in from late November through Epiphany, then had the flu after Christmas.  Yesterday was the first day I made it through without a nap, or (failing that) without a deep sense of exhaustion.  So, today was my first real day off in a very long time.

Inevitably, I went to Fife.  Unusually, I never made it to St Andrews.  Crail and Ellie are perfect on days like this:  bright and still and full of promise, with the camaraderie that comes between strangers who wish to be pleasant, but have no need to talk.

Molly nearly got a present she didn’t want:  the resident cat at Crail Pottery, who tried to invite herself home.

I’ve put photos up on the photo blog.  They’re for my sake, mostly, but I know some of you have vivas to get ready for, and are sure to want distraction…

8 thoughts on “returning to life”

  1. What a beautiful cat- I didn’t think I would ever say this, but Mop and Fudge might have some serious competition.

  2. As you’re being so kind to impending viva-sufferers, can I put in an advance request for more procrastinatory diversions in March, thanks! 🙂

  3. Wonderful to know that you are back in the ‘Land of the Living’. We could be coming up to ‘Heaven on Earth’ in the near future for a short break. Missionary service does take a lot out of one.

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