soon and very soon

In this giddy phase of fantasy, my ‘sabbatical’ feels like an extended holiday.  I suppose that is indeed what it will be for the first month or so, once all the boxes are unpacked.  So I find myself full of anticipation, and it’s the little things that I’m looking forward to most:

  • being able to enjoy the (long) walk into town, without any sense of time pressure
  • wandering the city in the early morning and at dusk when it is quiet and still and the tourists are elsewhere
  • new libraries to play in
  • new places to explore
  • endless people watching, with no deep obligations
  • watching autumn turn on the banks of the river
  • first frost, making fields glisten
  • a reasonable prospect of enjoying the frost without fear of being snowed in for six weeks
  • soaking beans and cooking them without burning them because I was multi-tasking
  • baking bread again, and cinnamon buns, and the first cranberry-ginger muffins of the season
  • cooking meals generally
  • and eating them.  at a table.  slowly.
  • carving pumpkins at Halloween
  • preparing for Christmas — domestically, rather than liturgically
  • being able to worship anywhere I like (though I do wish I were more confident of finding good incense somewhere)
  • not having to wear black or button nasty buttons at my neck.
  • being in a house I have chosen, that has no communal rooms whatsoever  (no parish room, no photocopier, no, not even piles of seasonal supplies moving to and from church)
  • having the cathedral to drift around, pray in, haunt
  • choral evensong any day at all
  • freedom.  in all sorts of ways.  freedom.

12 thoughts on “soon and very soon”

  1. I can almost smell the bread baking…
    And I’m so digging the freedom aspect – no obligations or running to the next service or meeting or commitment.
    Will there be knitting?

  2. Yes. Love this. After a long day with the bug, the freedom and anticipation that breathes off this page is refreshing. Cinnamon buns? Definitely coming to visit.

  3. Please do. (but just to be clear: I’m happy to blow bubbles and read aloud, and even deal with bottles/ spoons, but you’re on your own when it is time to change the nappies.)

  4. I believe Bensham does incense from time to time. Know it is high and prob. persuadable to do higher on high days.

  5. sounds all good to me, Kimberly, focus on the gentle and quiet and relaxing. Can I add my own list as I embark on my own ‘sabbatical’ please? Learning to play the drums and cutting 15 tonnes of firewood. Note the generation of lots of noise! Boys eh! I will be namechecking you at my party about the Big Tonka Toy anecdote, hope you wont mind. Unless you are planning to be there? I promise I’ll be as quiet as a mouse when we visit. Graham

  6. We keep the nappy duties in the family. Bubbles and aloud reading very welcome. Hard to imagine spoons but I know the time will come very soon!

  7. It sounds lovely. If we invest in a transporter, I will be right over there for a visit. (-:
    I’m so glad of this – it sounds so YOU.
    BTW, if you are getting rid of any of your less beloved clergy blouses, I might be able to find them homes with the new women soon-to-be-clergy in Haiti. (They’ve been studying for years – surely the bishop will ordain them soon!) By the time you get back for your next visit to MA, they will almost certainly be!

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